JLRG, WPBARC and H L Watkins Middle School are 1 of 17 stations to make a contact with the ISS!

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Jupiter Lighthouse Radio Group

Welcome to JLRG! Members are the life-blood of any organization and we thank you for considering thig group! There are a number of Ham clubs to choose from but if you're wanting an active group and one that's focused on radio related activities and getting on the air, then JLRG is your group!

Our goal is to focus on expanding our knowledge and experience of Amateur Radio though the active participation in radio events, activations, contests, emergency communications and civic affairs.

Additionally, the Jupiter Lighthouse Radio Group proudly supports the operation of N4NAQ on the lighthouse grounds and in the location of the former operation of Station J. Station J was the Naval Communications operation during WWII when the facility was part of a RADAR sounding operation to locate German U Boats off our coast.

Today, Amateur Radio carries on and provides museum guests and members of JLRG with a unique ability to get on Amateur Radio's HF frequencies and talk around the world!

Membership dues are just $25 per year and are pro-rated according to the calendar quarter in which you join. Additional family members can join for just $12.50 (50% off) and include full voting privileges.

Please print and complete the following Membership Application. It can be brought to the next business meeting or mailed to:

16183 127th Drive N
Jupiter, FL 33478